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We’re about to reinvent how online dating is done.     

We are creating a new site for people who are the most likely to succeed at forming and keeping good relationships.   We want to work with daters who have a high RQ.   High RQ stands for High Relationship Quotient.  Think of this as an IQ score, only measuring how suitable and skilled you are in relationships. High RQ means you have what it takes to succeed in relationships.   Other dating sites try to address this (two of the top ten), or address this using the wrong criteria (one of the top ten) or don’t address this at all (the other seven of the top ten, and virtually all of the remaining “pop” sites.).  If you think you’ll find a good match considering only whether or not you are a farmer, have tattoos, or are a cougar, think again.

This new site will make you think about yourself in different ways.  It taps what really counts–who you really are.   It’s deeper in nature, but this is what boosts accuracy, because the deep stuff is what makes and breaks relationships.

How is RQ computed?

There are three tiers, or levels. The first is demographic, which is what all the sites have. This does not contribute much to the RQ.  It asks you about your preferences and characteristics.   We ask the basics–your race, personal preferences in religion, education, politics, sexual orientation, etc.  Despite being touted as important on virtually every other dating site, these aspects actually have only a “medium” correlation to successful dating/relationships.   But people want what they want, and so we record that, so in the future, you won’t be paired with someone who doesn’t fit your expectations.

The second tier measures personality traits.  Tier II measures 31 vectors–traits and trait clusters that much more correlate with successful relationships.   A few sites do this “some,” but most don’t do it well.

The third tier is completely new and unique.  Tier III measures the traits and qualities that correlate with relationship failure.  Yes, psychology science knows what these are and now this survey measures them.   They are not necessarily what you think.   This section has 32 vectors.   Nobody measures this.

The RQ is derived from scores on Tiers I (some), II (heavily) and III (moderately-heavily), using a completely unique algorithm.

Why would people want to do this?

Anyone who is dating is already screening for the ideal partner.   It just takes them months, even years.   We go through stages when we meet someone; first the honeymoon, then stabilization and routine.   Commitment gradually emerges in these stages while at the same time so does the real person.   By the time you really know someone, there’s usually a commitment or routine or investment in the relationship that, by that time, is hard to undo if you don’t like what you see.   Too late.

And how does High RQ address this?

This survey and future matching algorithm screen for what works and what doesn’t work using a completely new set of psychological variables.   Imagine if you could save yourself months, even years figuring out someone before establishing a relationship?   Imagine saving yourself all the heartache of thinking someone is one way and very much later, realizing they aren’t.   Our test aims at giving you just that ability.

Then what?

When you complete the survey, we’ll keep your data until we have enough to generate norms, and then by comparison, your RQ.  THERE ARE NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS.   We know what qualities to look at, but we don’t yet know how people will score on each one.   We won’t know that until we have a bigger database and can do the statistics.   You can’t pass or fail.

The kind of questions we ask are not hard or long–just thoughtful.   You express your answers on sliders that you move with your mouse, or just click.   The questions are about what you think about yourself or how you might behave or what you generally feel.   Each tunes you into something a little deeper about yourself, but in a good way.

The whole process is confidential and anonymous.  Your identity and personal information are secure and not given away or sold to any other entities.  And, we don’t spam you. We’re not looking for people who scam , so we don’t do that, either.   If you don’t hear from us for awhile, we’re busy putting this new and exciting concept together.

All we ask now is that you be 18, sincerely want to date with quality and be willing to take the survey. We’ll do the rest.

What’s the cost?

NOTHING.   There will be no cost to participate.   Yes, it’s FREE.    We will bear all the expense just to get people to try us.   We need people to take the survey.   Everyone who is in the dating market, interested in finding a high quality partner in the shortest amount of time, is welcome.   When we have enough people, we’ll be able to generate RQ’s and then launch the site.  We’ll send you an email with your RQ score and a report on the things we measure.

When we have a database, we’ll launch a High RQ website and service to help people determine their RQ.    If you want, you and your current partner will be able to both take the survey and we’ll send you a customized compatibility report, including your RQ’s and a description of where you will likely be OK and where you won’t.   As this evolves, the database will grow and be used to generate an online dating website, based on the same High RQ principles.  This will be a BIG selling point when using online dating sites, either ours or others.    Regardless, we’ll match up people who don’t know each other, but should, and we’ll be able to do it with a MUCH higher success rate.

When we get the dating site up, then you can pay a (lower than the others) fee to be eligible for matches.   If you are no longer interested, there is no obligation.   But as a thank you, for those who are interested in meeting others this way and take our survey now and become part of the original data base–they get their first month’s subscription FREE.

At the end of the HIGH RQ survey, everyone will get a 10 page ebook outlining six extra techniques that increase the quality of relationships (new dates, old dates, existing relationships–you name it) and a discussion of five of the Tier II traits and another five of the Tier III traits that are actually measured by this survey (this is for the curious and diligent–two traits that by the way, foster high RQ’s).   The ebook is written by the same psychologist  behind this project and is also FREE.   The ebook is offered as an additional THANK YOU just for participating and helping us build a database.    (You have to finish our survey to get it…)

Here’s the link for the survey:


(BTW…if you start the survey, PLEASE finish it.   If you don’t finish, we have no way of tabulating the data, giving you your FREE eBook, or your FREE months subscription should you want it when the time comes.   This seems to happen when people start after midnight.   So, if you’re tired, take it the next morning.)

Got a question?   Please ask.   This will take some time but we will answer each and every question.

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Here’s to building something extraordinary.